Week 2 Blog Entry

This week’s blog is about to introduce the process and revolution of publishing from past to present. Through to fast speed of technologies develops, the work process of publishing moves from a paper age to a digital age, which has a lot of changes and impacts on our society. 

In these days, students are living in a high-technologies ages which surrounding by Apple Products. when I go to the lecture, there are more then 80% of students using Apple products such as MacBook and iPad. This is a example of the way people changing their way of obtaining new knowledge and information from paper to digital, as they are using laptop to type notes rather than using paper and pen. 

These changes may have break a brand ground for people reading books online, and to become e-readers. From the reading of “Institute for the future of the book” I can see that publishing books online creates many opportunities for people viewing informations, because it is a keep renewing process which it offers e-readers different resources information from the world wide. Also it is more faster then the hand copy in paper, which is more recycle. This is a very positive direction for people and children to learn new things. 

From mo own perspectives, publishing process from paper to digital brought me the interesting of reading books. Because i can stay online making connection with friends while I reading from the Internet. it is very convenience and easy. It replace the heavy books and bring a new stage of publishing which promote the development of times.  



1. “Mission Statement”, Institute for the Future Book, <http://www.futureof thebook.org/mission.html>. Viewed on 9th Aug. 

2. “Publishing”, Wikipedia, <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Publishing&gt;



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