Week 3 Blog Entry

As in this week, we are exploring the wide variety of publishing tools and techniques which are emerging. From the age of printing to digital, everyone can publish online through variety of tools and techniques such as Twitter, YouTube and so on. It reinforce the variety methods and forms about digital publishing. 

we can see that there are so many of publishing tool that are being created and changed within our everyday life. Here is a fact that everyone can be a publisher to publish to the Internet, but it is not mean that everyone can have access to entry the area and view all the information for free. “Paywall” is a system that prevents Internet users from accessing webpage content without a paid subscription. it controls the accessibility for people the view the website unless they have paid it. If the customers realise that they are receiving a good quality of information from the product rather than the free information site may not offer to them, i think they are more likely to pay the expense. Because from this site, the information they have received are more valuable and reliable .  

In my point of view, people at this stage would like to pay for quality publishing rather than reading a butch of informations and finding no points which is wasting their times. This is a new method of digital publishing. it is clear to see that with the advance of technology and the variety range of digital publishing platforms, the history of publishing tools and techniques has changed though the time passing. Even now, the way of digital publishing are still changing and improving to maintain people’s demand. 




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