Week 4 Blog Entry

In this week’s blog, we are focusing on the interaction between social and technology, which is called “Assembling Publishing”. So first, “assemblage”, from the book this is means a relational network of element, but in my word, an assemblage of people or things are just like an act of putting or getting them all together. In coming together, assemblage makes something new, and start from here, we have to introduce the “Actor-Network Theory” (ANT) by French Thinker, Bruno Latour. He is a French sociologist of Science. And he is the one of developer of the Actor-Network Theory.

To the Honest, the “Actor-Network Theory” is really confuse me, and it is really hard to give a proper definition to explain or summary the whole theory. After I had watch the video and some research, my understanding of  “Actor- Network Theory”is like a material and semitic method that treats all the elements and relations in somehow are all equal. It describes both human and non-human actants in the same terms, as part of the social network. This forms the Actor-Network Theory is exploring the relational ties within a network, which can be a multitude of different things. 

Lets make a example to have a better understanding of this “Actor-Network Theory”. like an activity we did in the class. If you want to publish an magazine what do you need? It assemblages of different actors, both of human and non-human actants. such as stories, ideas, reader, writer, editor, paper, printer and so on. these are all the actants in order to publish a magazine. All of them are equally important as part of the elements, and the relation ties with publishing the magazine. 



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