Week 5 Blog Entry

This Week’s topic is focusing on Archives fever, Provenance and Structuring Data. And in this week’s blog, I am going to talk about Archive fever. When people saying Archives, what can i imagine is something valuable and memorable to keep from the past, or in another word is period frock for us to review it later when we look back. It is about the record of information and thing which happened in the past. The reason to keep this is because for people who have desire to know the past , and record what is happening now for whoever wants to check in the future. It is like a tool to capture the past information and store them until the present, but also keep it for the future. 

Everyone has a different way to store they archives. There is a way for Myself to archives is taking photos. I personal like taking photos, and some the them which i thought are important, i will print them out and write a little note and date on them, so when i look back i can remember what was happened at that moment. but this is the old way of archives. The blog called “Archives Fever: a lover letter to the post real-time web” written by Ogle Matthew suggests that through the development of technology, the new real-time website allowed people to keep their archives digitally. People can record their Archives online and view the file whenever they like through the computer. This is a really good method which provide people a better environment to store their archives organised, and when they want to find out something, they can just search the key word or date, which saves time and space. So we can easily get access to our archives. Also we can share our Archives to our friends through the social media platform. This is allowing us to create the permanent archives and share with our friends through the social network and left us with a good memory.



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