Week 12 Blog Entry


Amazon.com is an American international electronic commerce company that has put technology innovation and customer data at the heart of business development.

In recent years, it has revolutionized the world of book publishing through the highly popular Kindle eBook reader, and recently entered the online video streaming market. According to my research, the culture at Amazon also has its own quirks. Dr Vogels, the chief technology officer of Amazon, says Amazon is a different world. The company gives each of its teams a great deal of independence and a free rein to innovate, provided that doing so doesn’t require a substantial investment of capital

Further, the whole company is essentially a data company. Thought the culture of Amazon, company usually doesn’t make a decision without data, and when it does make a decision, it watches the response in terms of changing data patterns. In Amazon culture, customers hate it from the bottom of their hearts. As a digital website, it provides to the decision are based on the customers that to make a good connection between owners and customers.

According to our topic, the process with Amazon is related to developing of Customer data. Once the data have been changed, the decision that company make will be change at the same time. Further, it also impacts with the Customer culture, the company make a new attention point. Thus, culture is one that supports new ideas in the first instance, rather than knocking them back.


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Week 9 Blog entry


In this week’s blog is going to talk about VJing. VJing is a board designation for real-time visual performance. It is a live performance artist who creates moving visual art on a really large screen and it will always happen in an event, a wedding, and nightclubs and usually comes with other performance art.

According from lecture, VJing and new forms of the interactive video arts has back as a consideration of the technique of viewpoint painting that drawing developed in the Renaissance. As a new visual technique for the publishing industry, VJing has been making the connection between the artists and audiences.

VJing is far more than a fanciful series of moving images, and other artists can make the majority of modern multimedia facilities by combining video and music and enhancing the audience’s perception into the live experience. There has an example for a YouTube clip of Vjing performance. This artifact has proved the powerful meaning of interaction between artists and their audiences captured by a film that developing freely before their eyes. According to the video, it has explored the idea of the presenting visualize through VJing in the live world. It has created an animation of the clouds of the city to present to the audience. According to the meaning of the VJing, which using images to create ideas to interact with artists and audience rather than using words or speech.


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Week 11 Blog Entry

Online digital Publish Aggregation

There are a few different ways that you can aggregate content digitally in the form of RSS feeds or through social media. Aggregating is a great way to take content from others and brand it as your own, which allows you to bring lots of the digital contexts together into one publish platform. There is content out there to take, and when shows truly engage with their community and industry. Furthermore, a good publishes aggregation is meant to create a way to pull content from other sites into a whole. Think of it as a hose of content, we can direct any social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

When we start talking with digital publish, the first thing is the difference with traditional and new digital publish industry. According to David (2010), the video suggests the importance of making contents is connecting offline and online with people in our digital communication age. We product online digital publish is a way to getting a new contents for people to read and share thought Internet. Compare with the benefits of the traditional media model are easy to understand and agree with, the benefit of the new online digital publishing platform is although you’re linking out to the original article, for a given investment in editorial staff, people can produce and publish many more articles than the traditional media model allows. As we see, that more content means more relevance to more searches and therefore more traffic  


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Week 8 Blog Entry

This week’s focus is on the visualization. What is the meaning of visualization? In my understanding, visualization is about to making something invisible, visible. Or simply, it serves as a way to make digital world physically.

Information graphic is a representative way of visualizing. It simply outlines the information in a graphic way, to make it clear and visible. Through the way of communication, the info graphic contains a large amount of complex information and effectively present in an easy to read diagram. For example the Sydney train map, it has ability to rapidly convey accurate information to the travelers. As there are so many suburbs in Sydney, the Sydney railway team uses different colors to make clear about different lines in Sydney. This is really important for a traveler who visits in Sydney in the first time, as they will be able to instantly identify where they are and where they want to go. There will be very difficult for travelers to visit a new play without data visualization.

There is another example about visualization is a video called “Flight Patterns” (http://datavisualization.ch/showcases/10-videos-of-data-visualizations/). The Flight Patterns visualizations are the result of experiments leading to the project Celestial Mechanics by Scott Hessels. It is a video that presents the standard path followed by aircrafts. In the video, it records every track of an airplane fly past the sky, which forms a beautiful image, contributes by the airlines. The effect seems really cool, but to be honest, it means nothing to me. It is an amazing project like shooting stars, but I cannot get any valued information from this compares to the Sydney train map. Which reflect a fact that some of the visualization cannot replace the hard data in a digital world.


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