Week 11 Blog Entry

Online digital Publish Aggregation

There are a few different ways that you can aggregate content digitally in the form of RSS feeds or through social media. Aggregating is a great way to take content from others and brand it as your own, which allows you to bring lots of the digital contexts together into one publish platform. There is content out there to take, and when shows truly engage with their community and industry. Furthermore, a good publishes aggregation is meant to create a way to pull content from other sites into a whole. Think of it as a hose of content, we can direct any social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

When we start talking with digital publish, the first thing is the difference with traditional and new digital publish industry. According to David (2010), the video suggests the importance of making contents is connecting offline and online with people in our digital communication age. We product online digital publish is a way to getting a new contents for people to read and share thought Internet. Compare with the benefits of the traditional media model are easy to understand and agree with, the benefit of the new online digital publishing platform is although you’re linking out to the original article, for a given investment in editorial staff, people can produce and publish many more articles than the traditional media model allows. As we see, that more content means more relevance to more searches and therefore more traffic  


Gregg, Melissa (2011) ‘Know your product: Online Branding, and the Evacuation of Friendship’ in Work’s Intimacy Cambridge: Polity: :102-118

Gauntlett, David (2010) Making is Connecting (watch the video) <http://www.makingisconnecting.org/&gt;



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