Week 8 Blog Entry

This week’s focus is on the visualization. What is the meaning of visualization? In my understanding, visualization is about to making something invisible, visible. Or simply, it serves as a way to make digital world physically.

Information graphic is a representative way of visualizing. It simply outlines the information in a graphic way, to make it clear and visible. Through the way of communication, the info graphic contains a large amount of complex information and effectively present in an easy to read diagram. For example the Sydney train map, it has ability to rapidly convey accurate information to the travelers. As there are so many suburbs in Sydney, the Sydney railway team uses different colors to make clear about different lines in Sydney. This is really important for a traveler who visits in Sydney in the first time, as they will be able to instantly identify where they are and where they want to go. There will be very difficult for travelers to visit a new play without data visualization.

There is another example about visualization is a video called “Flight Patterns” (http://datavisualization.ch/showcases/10-videos-of-data-visualizations/). The Flight Patterns visualizations are the result of experiments leading to the project Celestial Mechanics by Scott Hessels. It is a video that presents the standard path followed by aircrafts. In the video, it records every track of an airplane fly past the sky, which forms a beautiful image, contributes by the airlines. The effect seems really cool, but to be honest, it means nothing to me. It is an amazing project like shooting stars, but I cannot get any valued information from this compares to the Sydney train map. Which reflect a fact that some of the visualization cannot replace the hard data in a digital world.


Koblin, Aaron. “Flight Patterns.” Design/Media Arts, UCLA. N.p.2005.10th Oct . 2014. <http://users.design.ucla.edu/~akoblin/work/faa/index.html&gt>

Seek Sydney, “map of Sydney”, seeksydney.com, 2014, sitemap.<http://www.seeksydney.com/map-of-sydney/&gt;



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