Week 12 Blog Entry


Amazon.com is an American international electronic commerce company that has put technology innovation and customer data at the heart of business development.

In recent years, it has revolutionized the world of book publishing through the highly popular Kindle eBook reader, and recently entered the online video streaming market. According to my research, the culture at Amazon also has its own quirks. Dr Vogels, the chief technology officer of Amazon, says Amazon is a different world. The company gives each of its teams a great deal of independence and a free rein to innovate, provided that doing so doesn’t require a substantial investment of capital

Further, the whole company is essentially a data company. Thought the culture of Amazon, company usually doesn’t make a decision without data, and when it does make a decision, it watches the response in terms of changing data patterns. In Amazon culture, customers hate it from the bottom of their hearts. As a digital website, it provides to the decision are based on the customers that to make a good connection between owners and customers.

According to our topic, the process with Amazon is related to developing of Customer data. Once the data have been changed, the decision that company make will be change at the same time. Further, it also impacts with the Customer culture, the company make a new attention point. Thus, culture is one that supports new ideas in the first instance, rather than knocking them back.


Brad. H (2014) “Amazon: A culture based on customer data”, CMO,Viewed 20thOct2014.




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