Week 9 Blog entry


In this week’s blog is going to talk about VJing. VJing is a board designation for real-time visual performance. It is a live performance artist who creates moving visual art on a really large screen and it will always happen in an event, a wedding, and nightclubs and usually comes with other performance art.

According from lecture, VJing and new forms of the interactive video arts has back as a consideration of the technique of viewpoint painting that drawing developed in the Renaissance. As a new visual technique for the publishing industry, VJing has been making the connection between the artists and audiences.

VJing is far more than a fanciful series of moving images, and other artists can make the majority of modern multimedia facilities by combining video and music and enhancing the audience’s perception into the live experience. There has an example for a YouTube clip of Vjing performance. This artifact has proved the powerful meaning of interaction between artists and their audiences captured by a film that developing freely before their eyes. According to the video, it has explored the idea of the presenting visualize through VJing in the live world. It has created an animation of the clouds of the city to present to the audience. According to the meaning of the VJing, which using images to create ideas to interact with artists and audience rather than using words or speech.


Collective, V. (2008). VJam Theory: Collective Writings on Realtime Visual Performance. VJ Theory.

VJing, Wikipedia, viewed 25th Oct http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VJing



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